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Instructions for the Member Training Portal

All CP Success members get access to member training resources through our Jumpstart private member site. Recently we added a second private site for members of the new Social Branding Co-Management program. To minimize logins and administration, we’ve set up a Member Training Portal so you can access both sites with the same email/password combination. […]

Jumpstart Membership Site

Looking for more information about how to use your website? Missed the latest broadcast of Jumpstart LIVE? Join us over on the new Jumpstart Membership Site, where you’ll find the latest webinar recordings and additional educational resources for your online marketing. Simply visit Use your client-registered email address and the password we provided in […]

[Jumpstart LIVE Replay] 27 Sep 2018: Leverage Your Listings

This week we talk about how to leverage your Listings “superpowers” for new lead generation and more market influence (not to mention actually selling houses  ). We demonstrate how to upload and share Listings on your CP Success System, and also give you an overview of our exclusive HDX Property Search & Display System for adding MLS search and automatic […]

[Jumpstart LIVE Replay] 13 Sep 2018: Follow-Up & Conversion with Success

Follow-up is arguably the most important part of the lead generation and conversion process because it’s how you turn interested leads into actual business! From the very beginning, we built the Success platform to help Craig Proctor members implement Craig’s most effective strategies for getting into conversations with more leads. This week, we look at how to use your […]