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[Jumpstart LIVE Replay] 27 Sep 2018: Leverage Your Listings

This week we talk about how to leverage your Listings “superpowers” for new lead generation and more market influence (not to mention actually selling houses  ). We demonstrate how to upload and share Listings on your CP Success System, and also give you an overview of our exclusive HDX Property Search & Display System for adding MLS search and automatic […]

[Success Story] What’s The One Thing That Home Buyers Want?

SuccessWebsite - Home Buyers Success Story

Inexperienced agents are often confused about what home buyers and home sellers really want. We sometimes fool ourselves into thinking that buyers and sellers want a realtor when the reality is, the only thing buyers are interested in are listings and finding their next home. As for Sellers, they want a buyer for their home. […]

[Success Story] Leverage Your Listings With Facebook To Generate More Listings

Leverage Your Listings With Facebook Lead Ads - SuccessWebsite

Facebook Lead Ads are a game changer when it comes to online lead generation. The leads generated from these ads are not only cheaper but are 80% more likely to have accurate emails and phone numbers. This new method of advertising has our Success Team (and our clients) VERY excited! Especially when it comes to gaining more […]