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The Craig Proctor SuccessWebsite® System is a complete set of proven Internet marketing tools for real estate agents and teams of all sizes. It's the perfect platform to attract, capture and convert new leads.

You'll get More Leads! More Listings! More Closings! and More Commissions!

Stephen Raitt

Stephen Raitt

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If you already are generating leads with your Craig Proctor Lead Generation SuccessWebsite and you want to crank up your success, start here. Generate more leads inexpensively, with less effort, and turn your leads into deals.

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If you've just started in the Craig Proctor Coaching program, find out how you can get started with Craig's Lead Generation SuccessWebsite. Start generating hot buyer and seller leads quickly and easily!

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If you are already attracting leads to your SuccessWebsite, many members use these powerful upgrades to get even more leads and better leverage the system.

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Additional Programs and Services
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"Coming Soon" Listings

An Exclusive Lead Generation Program from CP Success!

Pre-release Listings have MASSIVE Scarcity & Value! Attract and engage more VIP Buyer Leads with hot new properties.

Private Membership: All members share their Coming Soons with the program. A dedicated Success Manager oversees the program and optimizes the best-performing Facebook & Google campaigns for you. Regular group calls for updates and idea-sharing. You keep all the leads you pay for. Instantly maximize your inventory with all group Coming Soons in your area.

Generate buzz for Sellers by promoting their Listing before it's officially released to the market.

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Coming Soon Listings...

Agent-Lender Co-Marketing

Work together on your marketing. Double Up Your Leads!

We've developed numerous Campaigns and features to allow Agents and Lenders (Mortgage, Home Warranty, etc.) to join forces on their lead generation.

We implement Lender's requirements for regulatory-compliant financial collaboration.

Whether you already have a lender in mind to work with, or need help to find one, contact our Sales representatives to get started.

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New Craig Proctor Members Start Here:

Craig Proctor Lead Generation SuccessWebsite

INCLUDED with your new Craig Proctor Coaching Membership! †

We'll run your first campaign FOR YOU so you'll start getting leads FAST!

  • A complimentary consultation and a single Lead Ad Campaign from the current set of Craig Proctor-tested campaigns recommended for New Coaching Members. Run your first campaign on Facebook to generate leads FAST from your target area! We tailor the campaign for your market with monthly ad spends starting from $200. The Lead Ad Campaign includes ongoing Optimization, Monitoring, and Scheduled Reviews.
  • Leads On Your Phone! - Our EngageCRM system is developed from the ground up to implement Craig's system. Built-in follow-up scripts and email drip campaigns. Complete lead activity history IN ONE PLACE. Calendar-blocking, task scheduling and Craig Proctor's Activity Plans to track and manage calls and tasks for you and your team.
  • TrackMySuccess System to track your performance and ensure you're generating leads cost-effectively
  • Craig's member-tested and proven Less-Branded* Lead Generation SuccessWebsite and Campaign Landing Pages to capture a flood of the best prospects in your market
  • And we'll show you how to use it all and put it to work in your business with email/chat/SMS support, pre-scheduled telephone calls, live training events, and an online video training portal to keep you up-to-date on the latest tools and strategies.

* A Less-Branded website is the best way to attract new leads and implement Craig's systems. You can optionally add a Branded website from +$150/month.

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† (Only the Lead Generation SuccessWebsite is included and only where defined in your individual Craig Proctor System or Coaching Membership Agreement. Consult your Craig Proctor System representative for details.)

"The Craig Proctor Lead Generation Website is the fastest and easiest way for YOU to take my system online. I used it to generate over $1.5 Million in commissions every year from all the leads it captured. A MUST HAVE for all my members."

Craig Proctor

"Craig's Lead Generation Website has been tested and optimized for every aspect of Craig's systems, with thousands of agents in all types of markets, all over North America. For over 18 years we've been committed to making it work for top agents like you."

Stephen Raitt, CP Internet Coach -

IMPORTANT: Craig Proctor's campaigns and materials are only available to active members in good standing of the Craig Proctor System and Coaching program. If you are NOT an active member, we cannot license any of Craig's content to you.