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It’s no secret that real estate commissions are in a downward spiral. One of the biggest challenges for most realtors is defending their fee. With the surge in popularity of discount brokerages, realtors often find themselves under tremendous pressure to lower their commission just to compete.

Not the case for Kevin Flaherty! Kevin has been with Success for over 10 years and has some excellent advice on how to win more listings with online tools and completely dominate you market.

“I have been using SuccessWebsite for over 10 years as my primary web marketing tool.”

“There is no other website system in world that addresses the marketing needs of Realtors like SuccessWebsite. The system goes far beyond a web page and actually has the tools and training you need to generate all the leads you can handle!”

— Kevin Flaherty
Craig Proctor Platinum Member


Recently, I interviewed Kevin on how he consistently wins listings by focusing on two things: Exposure & Online Representation. Below is a special video of our chat, recorded as part of our Internet Jumpstart Training Program offered exclusively to Success members. There’s a TON of great ideas here (some of which I’ve provided annotations for below).

What You’ll See in the Video

It’s a fairly long call, but well worth a complete listen. Here are a few of the key topics that are covered:

Check it out:

video placeholder

So Tell Me…

Based on what you learned, what’s one thing you’re going to do differently the next time you’re marketing your listings or preparing your listing presentation? Write it in the comment section below – let’s talk!

2 Responses

  1. Impression? very amatuerish production with a stumbling interviewer and far to many uncertain ‘um’s and ‘er’s as responses from KF.

    After being in RE for 40 years [ the last 34 with Remax in Toronto] I’ve realized that ALL Vendor/sellers have the identical objective: simply to get the Highest Possible Price, in a Reasonable Length of Time, with the Fewest Problems! No more, no less. The greatest difficulty is to PROVE to a Seller that the elaborate listing/marketing process will guarantee a higher net figure. I’m typing while I listen and you mention ‘one man outfits’ as if TREB doesn’t exist. I guess I’m questioning what percentage of your own listings do you sell? Oops… you just answered my question; you don’t often double-end many deals. But yes, agreed, one does has to ‘list to last’. Regards R.

    1. Hi Roger,

      Thanks for listening and I do appreciate the feedback. Hopefully you found the content useful. Stumbles aside, there are some great tips here on how to really stand out in your marketplace.